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Excited to see new things happeing in Rochester. With the annoucemnt of the DMC plan it looks like we're going to be growing up as a a city. This a picture of what downtown could look like in the future. Here's the DMC facebook page with more info of what's to come.

I had this landscaping company give my yard a make over last year and they did an awesome job! I grabbed this picture from their website since my yard is full of snow at the moment, but I'll post some pic in the spring. Here's a link to their photo gallery.

The Magic of Downtown Rochester

Located in the center of the city is the famous Chateau theater. Once a famous theater which has now been turned into one of the most amazing barnes and noble bookstores in the country. The next your near the peace plaza be sure to check out this historic site.

Yeah!! the city is getting hip! We now have a couple of juice shops/bars where you can get fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Inta juice now offers a few selections along with two new shops called tonic and essential cold press juice. So far I've been sticking to the juice from inta juice just because of the price. You get the most juice for your dollar, but essential has by far the best selection and the best quality juice in town.


Hey it's cold out there. Check out this great place for   furnace repair in rochester. These guys know their stuff and will keep you warm all  winter long.

New Restaurant Coming to Town

So the rumor is that there will be a new restaurant coming to rochester at the apache mall. I know big news :) It's pretty sad that we get excited over something like this, but it's true that we don't have many options when it comes to food and the options we do have we have 2 or 3 of the same places. 

Also I guess we're getting a new sporting goods store, but we already have two that pretty much have the exact same selection. I really don't think we need another one,  but that's my opinion. 

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